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Fire and flooding leaves behind smoke and mildew that can destroy your belongings. Your personal items may require professional services to fully restore them. With the proper technique, many items that may look lost can be cleaned and recovered. Best Option Restoration of Tulsa professionals are trained to handle your possessions with the care and attention they need.

When disasters like fire and flooding strike, they leave behind damage that can affect your belongings. Professional services may be necessary for a full restoration. Best Option Restoration of Tulsa is here to help, providing trained professionals to handle your possessions with care.

Dealing with a disaster can be overwhelming. Best Option Restoration of Tulsa is the local team in Tulsa, OK, ready to assist in cleaning up after any disaster, no matter the scale. In addition to recovering large areas, we focus on repairing and restoring the contents of your home that hold sentimental value.


Sorting through your belongings after a disaster can be risky without proper training and equipment. Our trained and certified technicians at Best Option Restoration of Tulsa are equipped to safely clean up after various emergencies, such as water damage, mold, fire, smoke, and storms. We prioritize the recovery of your belongings damaged in such events.

Cleaning Methods

Once salvageable items are identified, we use advanced techniques and equipment, including ultrasonic cleaning systems, to clean and sanitize damaged items. On-site cleaning is preferred, but some items may require off-site cleaning due to size, cleaning method, or damage level. We ensure safe transportation and handling to prevent further damage.

Disposal of Unsalvageable Items

Our content restoration services include the responsible removal of items beyond repair. Disposal methods vary, with some items broken down for recycling and others treated with chemicals for environmental safety. Our disposal methods ensure that damaged items pose no threat in the future.

Best Option Restoration of Tulsa takes pride in our content cleaning process. If you've experienced a disaster, we're available 24/7 to assist. Our fast response and comprehensive services aim to help you return to normalcy quickly. Whether it's water, fire, smoke, mold, or natural disasters, contact us at 918-269-0166 for assistance. We handle the job from start to finish.


  • Soot cleaning
  • Smoke damage deodorization and odor removal
  • Thermal Drying
  • Sanitizing
  • Dry/wet cleaning
  • Refinishing

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  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Arrive quickly to any size disaster
  • Certified IICRC & IRI Technicians
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