Jenks, Oklahoma, a thriving city situated in Tulsa County, boasts a unique blend of history, community spirit, and abundant amenities that make it a highly desirable place to reside. Renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, outstanding educational institutions, and a diverse range of recreational opportunities, Jenks stands out as a sought-after community.

Location & Scenic Beauty

Nestled in the northeastern part of Oklahoma, just to the south of Tulsa, Jenks spans approximately 20 square miles (52 square kilometers). Its northern border is gracefully embraced by the Arkansas River, providing a backdrop of scenic landscapes. The city's picturesque setting features rolling hills and lush greenery, making it a truly inviting place to live.

The geographical setting of Jenks offers its residents and visitors a plethora of outdoor adventures. One of its notable attractions is the Riverwalk Crossing, a favored destination situated along the Arkansas River. Here, people can indulge in shopping, fine dining, and entertainment. Furthermore, the Oklahoma Aquarium and the River Parks Trail, both nearby, offer recreational options for individuals of all age groups.

In Jenks, Oklahoma, like many other regions, there is the potential for natural disasters. The state of Oklahoma, including the Jenks area, can experience a range of natural disasters, including: tornadoes, storms, flooding, wildfires and more.

Population & Diversity

As per the latest available data, Jenks boasts a population of approximately 24,000 residents. This thriving city attracts a diverse array of individuals and families, all drawn to the tight-knit sense of community and the family-friendly atmosphere it exudes.

Jenks takes great pride in its exceptional school district, which is widely recognized for its rigorous academic standards and a rich array of extracurricular activities. The Jenks Public Schools system offers exceptional educational opportunities for students in the area, enhancing the city's allure for families.

Jenks' demographic tapestry includes a blend of professionals, families, and retirees. The city's burgeoning economy, proximity to employment opportunities in Tulsa, and its cost-effective living environment render it an attractive destination for both individuals and families seeking a place to settle down.

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